Juanita Nielsen The Final Days

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Juanita Nielsen

The Final Days


The crypt, St. James Church 173 King Street Sydney, NSW 2000

1 Hour Performance 30 People Max Yes Staged combat and rough language.

About this event

Juanita Nielsen: The Final Days, recounts the final crucial moments in Juanita’s fight to protect Victoria Street. Threatening phone calls, stolen documents and hidden romances leave an indelible imprint on the lives of those that loved her and those that sought to silence Sydney’s fiercest journalist. In her absence, a community is torn and her legacy is left to those who lived to tell the tale.

At 10.45am Friday 4th July 1975 Juanita Nielsen walks from her home in Victoria Street Potts Point to a meeting with Ed Trigg, manager of Carousel Club (aka Les Girls). She was never seen again. What happened to Juanita, why and who was involved? Be immersed in her story and that of her nemesis Abe Saffron and his partner Jim Anderson. A tale of corruption, violence, passion and heroism in the seventies.

Meet Juanita and her friends, lovers, union leaders, gangsters and experience the renown Les Girls cabaret.

Weekend Notes
Weekend Notes
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“Razor Gang Wars is a one-of-a-kind, not to be missed theatrical experience”
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Sydney Scoop
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"Truly an historic Sydney experience that no one who calls Sydney home should miss."
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4th July 1975 Juanita Nielsen walks to Carousel Club (aka Les Girls). She was never seen again. What happened to Juanita and why?

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Juanita's Story

Juanita Nielsen (nee Smith) was an Australian heiress to the Mark Foy's retail fortune. In the 1970s Nielsen was the publisher of NOW, an alternative newspaper in the Sydney suburb of Kings Cross, where she lived. She conducted a vigorous editorial campaign in support of the 'green ban' movement against the redevelopment of Victoria Street by F. W. Theeman's real-estate company, Victoria Point Pty Ltd. She played a prominent role in mobilising local residents against the demolition of Victoria Street's historic terraces and the eviction of their tenants. She may have been in possession of incriminating documents and photos belonging to Abe Saffron aka Mr Sin. This may have been the trigger for her murder.

The Mystery of Juanita's Disappearance

Since the disappearance Juanita Nielsen in July 1975 it is believed that she was murdered because of her anti-development and anti-corruption stance. A Coronial Inquest determined that Nielsen had been murdered. Although the case has never been officially solved it is widely believed that Nielsen was killed by contracted agents of the developers. In 1994 the Commonwealth Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Crime Authority further castigated investigative ineptitude in the case and emphasised links between her presumed murder, property developers and the criminal underworld in Kings Cross. Despite public outcry, the mystery of Juanita Nielsen’s death remains a major cold case in the annals of unsolved Australian crimes.

Juanita's Achievement

Much of Victoria Street was saved, but Juanita paid the ultimate price. She is remembered as a fierce advocate of community values and fighter against corruption. Her small terrace house at 202 Victoria Street is now heritage listed.

Juanita Nielsen Final Days

Wendi Lanham
Juanita Nielsen
Barret Griffin
David Farrell
Kyla Ward
Skye Paez
Loretta Crawford
James Coetzee
Man / Donny the Glove / Eddie Trigg/Sonny Russel
Steve Donelan
Fred Krahe /Jim Anderson/ Detective Arkins
John Fabry
Leof Kingsford-Smith
Frank Theeman / Arthur King
Steve Maresca
Jack Mundey/John Glebe/Abe Saffron
Lisa Hanssen
Miss Fowler/ Wendy Bacon
Lucy Hadfield
Shirley Bega / Maintenance Workers Wife
Liviu Monsted
Male Swing


Executive Producer & Marketing
Stephen Carnell
Leofric Kingsford-Smith
Liviu Monsted
Production Designer / Costumier
Bella Crowe
Set Designer
Steve Donelan
Props Master
Lew McDonnell
Lighting & Sound Designer
Mehran Mortezaei
Stage Manager
Kyle Stephens
Assistant Stage Manager
Angie Gachomo
Costume Wrangler/FoH
Michael Dengler
Lisa Bills
Graphic Design
Julia Park
Phyllis Wong
Web and Video
Phil Mace

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