Juanita Nielsen Tour

Story of Frank Theeman and Abe Saffron

Frank Theeman and Abe Saffron were two of the most notorious figures in the history of organized crime in Australia. Both men were involved in a range of illegal activities, Abe in drug trafficking, prostitution, and extortion, Frank in corrupting … Read More

Who was involved with the disappearance of Juanita Nielsen

Allegations regarding disappearances of Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay It is alleged that Fred Krahe became a criminal for hire after leaving the police force. Investigative journalists David Hickie and Tony Reeves name Krahe as the ringleader/organiser of a gang of “heavies” … Read More

Disappearance of Juanita Nielsen

True Crime Walking Tour – recommences May 2023. Nearly fifty years ago, beautiful, stylish Mark Foys heiress and newspaper editor Juanita Nielsen disappeared during a visit to the Carousel Club (home of Les Girls). She was crusading to save Victoria … Read More