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Story of Frank Theeman and Abe Saffron

Frank Theeman and Abe Saffron were two of the most notorious figures in the history of organized crime in Australia. Both men were involved in a range of illegal activities, Abe in drug trafficking, prostitution, and extortion, Frank in corrupting … Read More

Who was involved with the disappearance of Juanita Nielsen

Allegations regarding disappearances of Juanita Nielsen and Donald Mackay It is alleged that Fred Krahe became a criminal for hire after leaving the police force. Investigative journalists David Hickie and Tony Reeves name Krahe as the ringleader/organiser of a gang of “heavies” … Read More

Lillian Armfield

Trailblazing Australian policewoman

Lillian Armfield was a trailblazing Australian police officer who played a pivotal role in fighting crime in Sydney during the early 20th century. Born in New South Wales in 1884, Armfield was one of the first female police officers in … Read More

Sidney Kelly

“Squizzy” Taylor The King of Melboure’s Underworld

Joseph Theodore Leslie “Squizzy” Taylor (29 June 1888 – 27 October 1927) was an Australian gangster from Melbourne. He appeared repeatedly and sometimes prominently in Melbourne news media because of suspicions, formal accusations and some convictions related to a 1919 gang war, to … Read More

Barney Dalton

Barney Dalton RIP

Bernard Hugh Dalton (1891 – 9 November 1929) was an Australian pioneer rugby league player In the Australian competition – the New South Wales Rugby League. He was born in 1891 in Sydney. Rugby league career A winger, Barney Dalton played for the Eastern Suburbs club side in the … Read More

Dulcie Markham

The Angel of Death

Early life Dulcie May Markham was born in the inner city Sydney suburb of Surry Hills on 27 February 1914 to John Markham and Florence Millicent née Parker. She became one of Australia’s most notorious prostitutes and underworld figures. She became a … Read More

Norman Bruhn

Norman Bruhn The Upstart

(2 June 1894 – 23 June 1927) was a notorious and violent Australian dockworker, armed robber and standover man with links to the criminal underworld in both Melbourne and Sydney. In September 1926 Bruhn relocated with his family from Melbourne to Sydney, where he attained a brief ascendancy by … Read More

Frank Green

Frank Green Obituary

Obituary (1905–1956) Francis (Frank) Green, about 55, was stabbed to death shortly before midnight last night in his home in Cooper Street, Paddington. Police found him sitting slumped over a table with a knife driven into his chest near the … Read More

Jim Devine

Tilly Devine’s husband Big Jim

Tilly Devine’s husband was named James Edward “Jim” Devine, who was a prominent figure in the Sydney underworld during the early 20th century. Jim Devine was involved in organized crime, particularly in the illegal sale of alcohol during the Prohibition … Read More

Tilly Divine

Tilly Devine

Tilly Devine, also known as Matilda Mary Twiss, was a notorious Australian underworld figure in the early 20th century. Born in England in 1900, she emigrated to Australia with her family as a child. Devine became involved in prostitution at … Read More