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Razor Gang Wars

Razor Gang Wars is live in St James’ Church Crypt Thursday to Saturday 31 August to 14 September 2023.

Enter the 200-year-old gothic crypt beneath St James’ Church and be guided through a dramatic tale of violence, crime and blood on the streets of Razorhurst – laced with a little humour.

It’s 1929 and the war has begun. Walk and sit in the crypt and meet Tilly Devine, Queen of the Bordello, and Kate Leigh, the Snow Queen, and their crazed razor gangs. Observe how NSW first policewoman Lillian Armfield stands up to them and earns her place in the force.

Immersive theatre is thrilling as you are very close to the characters and the action. A mere razor swipe away. So, keep your distance from Tilly Devine!