Steve Maresca plays Norman Bruhn

Norman Bruhn (2 June 1894 – 23 June 1927) was a notorious and violent Australian dockworker, armed robber and stand over man with links to the criminal underworld in both Melbourne and Sydney. Bruhn’s criminal gang used the straight razor as a weapon of terror and are attributed as Australia’s first ‘razor gang’, at the beginning of a period of gang violence in Sydney in the late-1920s known as the ‘razor gang wars’.

People often ask me as an actor is it hard to play a “villain”? An actor cannot see “heroes” or “villains” with who they are portraying, only people. Reading Normans life story, I saw a man full of ambition to be at the top of the table and he was not going to let anyone get in his way. History was a Favorite subject of mine in school and to get to tell these stories of a turbulent time in Sydney’s history is quite a joy.

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