Disappearance of Juanita Nielsen

True Crime Walking Tour – recommences May 2023.

Nearly fifty years ago, beautiful, stylish Mark Foys heiress and newspaper editor Juanita Nielsen disappeared during a visit to the Carousel Club (home of Les Girls). She was crusading to save Victoria Street Potts Point from destruction by developers. Was she murdered? Who done it? Where’s her body? Still a mystery. Just last year the NSW Police offered a million-dollar reward for information to assist them to solve this very cold case. The ABC screened a two part documentary and an eight part podcast. Interest in the disappearance of Juanita hasn’t diminished.

She faced off against crime boss Abe Saffron (Mr Sin), his partner James Anderson (Big Jim), developer Frank, Theeman, the mafia, maybe the CIA, plus corrupt police, judiciary and politicians. She didn’t fully realise the hornet’s nest she stirred up and that would ultimately destroy her.