Frank “Bumper” Farrell

Wall Street crashes in 1929 and new laws finally come into place in 1930, both are a real kick in the guts for the gangs. The Consorting Clause gives the police a bite for once; they can arrest any criminal seen with another. The Crimes Amendment Bill gives an automatic six months for razor possession plus a flogging. The two-man Drug Bureau gets long awaited reinforcements. Frank “Bumper” Farrell creates what turns into the 21 Division. Crims now give intelligence when busted or face jail time. To top it off Australia gets one of the world’s first police women, Lillian Armfield, AKA the “Rugged Angel”

It doesn’t take Tilly long before she is in front of a judge. She strikes a clever bargain sailing to England instead of serving jail time and “saves the taxpayer the money”. Tilly throws herself some outrageous farewell parties and sets sail. All in all the gals’ empires run well with their absence. Unfortunately Tilly arrives back from London to find Jim cheating on her and in a rage she shoots him. Up on attempted murder charges Tilly forgives him before the court date, but that doesn’t save Big Jim


  1. Duncan McNab

    I don’t think Bumper created 21 Division. He joined the police in 1938 and 21 came along just after WW2. under Commission McKay who also created the CIB (of which 21 was part). Bumper would have still been too junior. The wiki entry about

  2. Stephen Carnell

    Thanks for clarification Duncan. For brevity copy says ‘Bumper creates what turns into the 21 Division’. sorry for delay in response, been busy getting our new web site and Architectural tour working. Had our first successful tour last Saturday.

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