Kate Leigh


Sydney in the early twentieth century is place where drinking, prostitution, guns, betting and gambling is in full swing and you can buy ‘snow’ (cocaine) over the counter. Every vice is legal or is at least being overlooked by the law. A bunch of do-gooders called Wowsers start a campaign for reforms. Then in 1916 five thousand soldiers from the infantry go on an unprecedented three day bender, rampaging and terrorizing the city. New laws are enacted to combat such behaviour, including 6pm closing of pubs, but instead of eradicating crime they actually build the legal foundations on which syndicated crime thrived. Huge wealth is up for grabs for anyone with enough ruthless ambition and the foresight to capitalize on the vices Australians love.

Rebellious KATE LEIGH runs with the wildest of men and runs her own brothel she fast becomes a prize gangster gal known for her daring spunk, good looks and sexual deviancy. Determining no man will rule over her she’s fast becoming the Queen of the Underworld with slashers and musclemen protecting her growing empire.


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