Premier Thomas Bavin


Premier Thomas Bavin and law enforcer William Mackay race to bring in new laws before all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile Phil ‘the Jew’ Jeff’s starts the Battle of Blood Alley on May 7th, 1929 as a Woolloomooloo Push gang discovers he’s heavily cutting their cocaine. This battle lasts 30 minutes and Jeff’s is later found shot and near death on the front lawn of his luxurious Kensington home. Believing he is done for he squeals only to survive and turn up in court in a snazzy purple suit with a different story. The code of silence is restored.

During 28 and 29 pistol packing Kate orders the slashing of Tilly’s girls and spiteful Tilly retaliates by sending her boys to bust up Kate’s grog shops. Kate’s revenge attacks are not far behind and bodies start dropping like flies. Both women start to take advantage of the tabloids and the cat fights carry over to sell newspapers and make them the talk of the town.

On 17th July 29 Kate’s man Gaffney shoots Tilly’s top henchman Frank Green. Green hides out at Tilly and Jim’s Maroubra house. Gaffney, Tomlinson and Dalton make a beeline there to finish the job. The Devine’s are loaded to the hilt and are waiting for them. Gaffney dies and Kate’s lover Wally Tomlinson is wounded. Tilly puts on a great show in court and they all celebrate Jim’s “not guilty verdict”. Now Tilly decides to really take Kate on especially as Kate just happens to behind bars. A few days later on the 8th August Tilly’s whole gang turns up on Kellett Street at King’s Cross for a good old gang war. 40 men launch into mayhem and the butchery is horrendous. Police and media stand by and watch.

Police and public all wait in terror of the coming gangland Armageddon. The gangs stockpile weapons and on the 9th November Green and Big Jim start it off by shooting Dalton and Tomlinson outside the Strand Hotel. Now things heat up as Tomlinson surviving a bullet turns evidence against Green but not Devine. Kate’s house is hit a few times in the search for her lover then on the 27th March Kate makes good on her threats and blows one of the hit men away with her 303 whilst dressed in her nightie. The jury acquits her.

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